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Specialist Schemes

‘For over 25 years Butterworth Spengler has been closely involved with the cycling sector and developed specific bespoke products to meet the needs of retailers and cyclists. In 2017 we took the decision to create a specialist brand that we felt represented the focus that we placed on these classes of business. CycleSure was born, and in a few short months began to symbolise value for money and great service.’

Cycle Retailers’ Insurance

Our retailers scheme provides bespoke covers for businesses who need something more than an ‘off the shelf’ solution to their insurance requirements. With a personal service and a partnership with one of the insurance industry’s most respected insurers providing the cover, we strive to deliver excellent value for money.

Visit Cycle Shop Insurance to learn more about our Retailers product.

CycleSure - Bicycle Insurance

In addition we also have a scheme providing niche cover for individual bicycles. In a time when cycling is becoming ever more popular and the technology employed by manufacturers is resulting in high value items, there is a need for a specific policy that gives the client great cover at an affordable price.

Click the link to CycleSure to learn more about our range of cycle insurance products and to get instant quotes and cover online.

Other Cycle related business

For a number of years now our understanding of insurance as it relates to the cycle industry has meant that we have acquired a considerable number of clients who are involved in a variety of cycle related businesses and we now have access to some great products that provide great value for money. So if you run a business that involves cycles, give us a call on 0151 494 4400.

These are some of the products we can provide:

  • Cycle Hire insurance
  • E-bike hire insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Cycle Charity insurance
  • Cycle assembly insurance
  • Mobile cycle mechanic insurance
  • E Cargo Bike insurance
  • Cycling Without Age insurance
  • Mountain bike park insurance
  • Mountain bike trail insurance
  • Cycle Training Insurance
  • Bikeability training insurance
  • E-Scooter insurance
  • E-Scooter hire insurance
  • Cycle maintenance insurance
  • Cycle manufacturer insurance
  • Cycle maintenance training insurance

Outdoor Pursuits Retailers’ Insurance

Building on the success of our Cycle Shop scheme we have expanded the criteria to encompass other retailers who are involved in the outdoor activities market. Working with strategic partners who are experts in their own fields we are well placed to identify the specific needs of affinity groups for whom we can create tailor made packages.

Visit Outdoor Leisure Insurance to learn more about our Retailers product